Fasteners and forged components

Memar is a manufacturer of fasteners, forgings and other components for demanding purposes

Memar is reliable partner as a part of customer’s supply chain

Efficiency – Continuous developing of manufacturing methods and skilled personnel

Flexibility – Flexible production batch sizes and delivery times

Reliability – Delivery accuracy and availability


Certificate – ISO 9001

Quality assurance – Quality control with calibrated measuring devices

Traceability – We guarantee 100 % traceability for our products

Hot Forging

Size range – Closed die forgings 0,1 kg – 150 kg

Batch sizes – Flexible from small series to thousands of pieces

Engineering of forgings – From the customer’s idea to ready forging


Experience – Over 40 years’ experience in machining

Flexibility – Flexible batch sizes

Efficiency – Wide range of machinery and automatic robot lines

Thread rolling

Size range – M10 – M120

Threads – Standard or special threads according to customer’s design

Materials – Rolled threads also for high strength materials

Machine and equipment manufacturers rely on Memar

We produce parts for well-known machine and equipment manufacturers

We manufacture products according to customer’s drawings

Strength for extreme conditions

We produce wide range of products for mining, offshore and maritime sectors

Heat resistant fasteners for turbines

Production – Flexible and service orientated production

Materials – Wide range of heat resistant steels in stock

Delivery times – Flexible production enables short delivery times

Expert in heat resistant fasteners

Experience – Special fasteners with over 40 years’ experience

Products – Manufacturing according to customer drawing or sample pieces

Solution – We work in close cooperation with the customer to find the perfect solution

Maintenance parts

Products – Maintenance parts and fasteners

Manufacturing – According to drawings or samples

Engineering – We can help our customer to design new part to improve reliability

Secure spare part deliveries

Agreement based stock for customer’s need

24h Service – When every minute counts


Ville Kuivalainen +358 40 531 5713
Mikko-Matti Sipilä +358 50 555 4328

Power Plants
Process Industry
Spare Parts 24h