Memar – Strength, quality and reliability

Memar Oy is a metal industry contract manufacturer and a successful growth company.
We specialise in contract manufacturing, maintenance parts for industry, fixing systems for demanding uses and component production.
In addition to refineries and the offshore industry, our customers include major operators in the engineering, process and extractive industry.

Find out more about Memar’s production techniques:

Memar is partnership-oriented.

We manufacture and develop in co-operation with our customers. Our operations are open and transparent towards the customer. Special materials, fixing systems requiring particular strength and demanding machining all fall within our sphere of expertise. Thanks to our own raw material stock, we can guarantee flexible and fast deliveries.

Memar has over thirty years of experience in metal machining.

Approximately 95% of our products are exported to the Nordic countries and elsewhere in the EU. We employ 70 metal industry professionals and perform continuous development work for the development of even higher quality production technology. Our production facilities are located in Finland, in Virrat, Pirkkala, Seinäjoki and Toijala, along excellent logistics connections.