Custom forgings

We manufacture custom forgings as small and medium series with counterblow hammers and presses. Our product selection includes e.g. shaft forgings and large open and die forgings.

The undisputed advantages of forgings include material savings, shorter machining times as well as better strength. We recommend replacing a casting with a forging, when a casting is not strong enough. A welding is also worth replacing with a forging, when greater strength is needed.


  • Gear forgings 150 kg, diameter 600 mm)
  • Unsymmetrical forgings
  • Cup-shaped forgings
  • Horizontal forgings
  • Flange shaft forgings
  • Installation-ready forgings

When the forging blank is swaged in to shape, the power lines are not broken, and the piece retains its optimal strength.

Homogeneousity and faster processing times of large series are achieved by means of induction heating.