We are a contract manufacturer focused on quality

Memar Ltd. was established in 1980 and is currently fully independent, managed by its owners. The company operates across four locations in Finland and has a total of 85 employees.

The Pirkkala and Toijala units specialize in heat treatment and forging, while the Virrat and Seinäjoki units specialize in machining.



Turnover 2022

16.7 milj. €



A customer-oriented development of business

Memar Ltd. utilizes a wide range of production techniques, including forging, machining, thread rolling, and heat treatment. Our products are custom-made to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our production is primarily focused on two areas of expertise. The first area is screw production, which is carried out by five robot cells and produces highly complex screws. The second area is forging, where we specialize in creating products that are both cost-effective and structurally strong.

Our versatile know-how is complemented by CNC machining. We use this technology to process both our own forged products and those that are subcontracted to us.

We are constantly developing our forging and machining technologies to produce even more intricate shapes and forms. However, the journey always begins with the customer’s specific requirements. We always choose the best manufacturing methods, whether it be forging, machining, or a combination of the two, based on our client’s needs.

Aki Kangas

Sales and marketing director