Forging - shaping and forming the metal

In the video, you can see how steel is forged with counter-blow hammers at Memar Oy’s Pirkkala forge.

Superior grain flow and refining of the internal structure optimize the mechanical properties resulting in high strength and durability. Since the forged piece is moulded into its final shape with little material loss compared to machining, the valuable raw material can be utilized as efficiently as possible. Forging as a manufacturing method, therefore, saves material, improves the mechanical properties of the product, and shortens the manufacturing time of complex components.

Heat treatments

Heat treatments can improve the required material properties of the piece, such as hardness, strength, toughness, and wear resistance.

Induction heating and horizontal forging

Induction heating is a method that rapidly generates intense, focused, and adjustable heat. The method is fast, repeatable and easy to combine with the rest of the production process. Horizontal forging enables complex shapes even for long pieces.


This video showcases CNC machining at Memar Seinäjoki.

CNC machining is a computerized manufacturing process in which pre-programmed software and code control the movement of production equipment. 

The products we manufacture often combine traditional engineering with modern technology to best serve our customers.

Turning and thread rolling

Strength, accuracy, economy, and fine surface finish are some of the advantages of thread rolling. 

In contrast to cutting or grinding threads, the rolling process allows for higher rates of production, lower material costs, and no chips or loss of metal.

Quality inspections

The video witnesses a 3D quality inspection in action.

Our entire manufacturing chain is fully traceable and managed by the ISO 9001 quality management system.

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